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Each of us has a secret, guilt, shame that we carry with us. These little (and sometimes big) secrets weigh us down, hold us back from reaching our own individual potential. Sometimes we hide these secrets to avoid being judged by others, sometimes we hide them to stay out of prison. The fear of being discovered can lead to highly orchestrated daily activities to avoid being exposed, or it can hold one back from realizing true intimacy with others. Get all the wisdom you need now on Twitter. Follow the La Contessa on Twitter!You can email the Contessa a question or submit a confession online via emailContessaLuna@gmail.comOR POST A COMMENT OR SECRET TO THE CONTESSA'S BLOG AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGESo you can see, my friend, walking with this guilt, these secrets affects us in ways we cannot always predict, and all because we are fearful, afraid of being rejected, judged, criticized or worse. You can now relieve yourselves of the hidden burdons you are carrying with you. Click on add comment to submit your secrets, quandaries, confessions, regrets, and of course what brings you joy. You can now click add comment, and write what you like. Comments are reviewed and then made public, so don't expect it to be showing up instantly. We are not'a robots, you know.   My apologies...you may now post your comment...confession...on the blog. We are glad you are taking advantage of this free public service. After posting, you comment will be reviewed by our staff of 1, and then published. Your comment will be reviewed by our team of blogists, and if deemed not to be offensive, it will'a be published to the blog, and made visible to the world. Comments that are profane, or insulting, rediculously juvenile, or offensive will not be published and no apology will be forthcoming. But of course you also know that La Contessa is open minded and tolerant so theres'a pretty good chance you gonna make it.Go ahead. You'll feel cleaner.I am sure those of you who know the Contessa, already know how much she values her privacy. So if'a you think'a you know...and if'a you tell, then all hell is's a gonna break out, and'a La Contessa is'agonna put such'a curse on you.Who knows what could happen, but I gotta bad feeling about it, you got that buster!   Thats'a all. Chow baby.Kiss Kiss   


While over sleeping after a long and active night ... I napped through an important buisness appointment.

I don't enjoy pledge drive. I never have and probably never will. There, I said it out loud and wrote it down. Thank you Contesa!

Dear Contessa:

My father is in the hospital with congestive heart failure. Though I do know that he is improving, I haven't called him or sent him a card. Of course, he left my mom when I was 4, but you would think I wouldn't be playing off that at this point ... we have had a good relationship, from time to time, since then.

I really care about him, but I don't really feel bad. I do worry that I will feel bad if he were to pass away. and I know though he always says to leave him alone, he really would like some acknowledgment.

thanks for listening.

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This is hard to say but it must be said:
Most days, I love my dogs more than humans. Not like that, pervert.
When I see animal hairs on people's clothes, I know that's a sign of true love. And those people are nice. Usually.
Thanks for listening.
I feel better.

Contessa de la Luna's picture

Yes, people love animals in many ways, and animals love humans in a couple of'a ways. It is'a no shame to feel that animals are more affectionate than'a people. You know that'a your pet has no ulterior motives. The animal feels a bond to you that is'a not motivated by anything more than their appreciation of you, their reliance on you, and you seem to feel the same. Love is good, always.

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I am inexplicably turned on by White House Spokesperson Dana Perino.
It's embarrassing to admit it, but she occupies this bad girl place in my heart formerly held by 70's female terrorists (Hearst, Meinhoff, et al) and some of the Manson girls.
And maybe it's just the fact that YouTube clips - the only way I really watch TV anymore - just renders her all the more lovely. I don't know.
Do you think I need help, or what?
DJ ManRich Jr. XXIII
<a href=uglyradio.wordpress.com>:::KILL:UGLY:RADIO:::</a>

yes! You need help. Especially if D. Perino is still in your heart. Dana is the least irritating/offensive of the Bush mouthpieces, but that includes an ornery bunch: Ari Fleischer, Scott McClellan - Barr McClellan's boy, "Slick" Tony Snow (job), on the hotness scale, Dana is only a 6 (in geek #s: 6.4); What can you do? boost your computer hot limit to include 7's and above; take out search limits of Press Secretarys/White House spokespersons, Manson Girls, Patty Hearst-SLA gang and include all of YouTube, watch reruns of MTV if Dana pops in your mind --- Since I'm not Contessa, consult your manicurist or other professional

i am in a relationship that i am no longer happy being in. i feel like i have no one to talk to about this or maybe it's that i don't feel safe. i have been lying next to my... crying self to sleep and avoiding physical anything. i keep doing enough though to remove most doubt, though i know there is some and i keep denying anything is wrong. this confession isn't really helping, i need to go to therapy. ohgod

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