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Wed, 12/19/2007 - 4:00pm

WARNING: This show contains explicit language and sexual content.There's a certain DIY project that everyone does when we're all alone. We have a lot of different names for it. To discuss this universal, yet taboo subject, we welcome guests such as syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage, who will enlighten listeners about the dangers as well as the ethics of DIY sex, and Portlander Isis Leeor, who will talk about a class she created called “Look Ma, No Hands! How to Orgasm With Your Breath.” You'll also get the inside scoop on assisted onanism from a protected source in the phone sex industry. The show will include music from Leviethan. For more information, please visit http://destinationdiy.orgThanks to Brian Kramer for his engineering and production skills and to KBOO's staff for working with me on this subversive project. As always, thanks to Nick Jaina for our theme music and special thanks this month to Levi Cecil (aka Leviethan) for producing some sexy tunes just for this episode.Don't miss a chance to listen and giggle with all your friends (and meet some new ones) at the listening party tonight at the Waypost (3120 N. Williams) @ 7pm.

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