Old Mole Variety Hour for January 14, 2007

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Sun, 01/13/2008 - 4:00pm

 This  is the Old Mole Variety Hour in its entirety.   Hosted by Laurie Mercier, this program focuses on some  popular movements the mainstream media  fail to cover.  First, Phil Alden Robinson from the Writers Guild talks with Bill Resnick about the writers's strike and how the issues have been slanted by mainstream media.  You can hear this segment separately here.  Milagro Theater in Portland is  performing "Zapatista," a play about the resistance to corporate globalism and the Mexican state in Chiapas, Mexico.  It is reviewed by Luz María Gordillo and Laurie Mercier.  To hear it separately,and for a link to ticket and performance information,  click here.Not  all the resistance to the US occupation in Iraq comes from Muslim fundamentalists.  Bill Weinberg talks with Laurie Mercier about the civil resistance in Iraq, rarely spoken of in the US mainstream media.  Weinberg is an award-winning journalist at  WBAI in New York.  This interview, plus a link to Weinberg's on-line journal, is available separately here.  Comments or reactions to today's show?  Write us at oldmolevarietyhour@gmail.com

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