Jesus's Second Coming Part 3: Crucifiction Erection

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Sun, 02/03/2008 - 4:00pm

The third and final chapter in the UBU HOUR's completely warped Audio Drama about the Second Coming of Jesus, this one is titled CRUCIFICTION ERECTION. Even more perverse, foul and filthy than the other two parts of this dark surreal political comedy, in this episode Jesus has been taken prisoner by the imperial forces. Prick Cheney, Ann Coutlergeist, Swill O'Riled, Reverend Spat Rotburpson, and Commander in Theif Dubya Tush plan to lead in the enhanced interror-gation and punishment of the prisoner, but other forces are afoot..... Warning! This program contains excessive profanity, indecency, nudity, violence, torture, rape, lurid descriptions of disgusting acts, masturbation, Biblical incest, drugs and an orgy on top of an elephant. Listener discretion is strongly advised.   


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