Ubu Half Hour April Membership Drive Special


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Mon, 04/07/2008 - 5:00pm

The Ubu Half Hour Special: Whereas most programs have specials that are as long if not longer than the normal program, the Ubu Hour does things differently, by airing only half an hour this month. As a treat to the KBOO members, we will inflict half as much Ubu Hour insipidness and inanity on the listening public. Not only is it only half an hour long, but the Ubu 1/2-Hour contains no new radio theater, just some excerpts from previous shows (The Torturer's Apprentice and the rather notorious FCC Show, either of which can be obtained by calling 503 232-8818 or 1 877- 500-5266 by Friday Apr 11th)  as well as the usual begging and pleading for the money which this radio station needs.  


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