Stop and Frisk: The Use and Abuse of a Controversial Policing Tactic

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Thu, 12/22/2016 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Stop and Frisk
Stop and Frisk co-author Mike White


Jo Ann speaks with Mike White, the co-author of Stop and Frisk: The Use and Abuse of a Controversial Policing Tactic.  No policing tactic has been more controversial than “stop and frisk,” whereby police officers stop, question and frisk ordinary citizens, who they may view as potential suspects, on the streets. As Michael White and Hank Fradella show in Stop and Frisk, the first authoritative history and analysis of this tactic, there is a disconnect between our everyday understanding and the historical and legal foundations for this policing strategy.  While much of the book focuses on the NYPD’s use of stop and frisk, examples are also shown from police departments around the country, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Newark and Detroit.

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ulpanaylaylo's picture

Thanks for allowing me to ask Dr White about the misuse by misleaders (yes, you Rudy Giuliani, Ray Kelly and term-limit breaker Mayor Bloomberg) of the Stop & Frisk statistics and create a breach in PUBLIC TRUST with the very communities whose cooperation spells either SUCCESS or FAILURE for Community Policing Partnerships.

The name of the most heroic of NYPD whistle-blowers is not as I erroneously rushed before your listeners, NOT ADRIAN SCHOOLYARD. WIKI ADRIAN SCHOOLCRAFT.

For serious police reform and institutional corruption reform activists such as yourself, listen to the audio archive for THIS AMERICAN LIFE (see link below) that played the secret recordings made by NYPD Street Beat Officer Schoolcraft before he was hauled away to State of NY Psychiatric Hospital before being cleared, vindicated and compensated by the State of NY tax-payers for whistle-blowing. It can also happen under Democrat administrations as President Obama's War On Whistle-Blowers So Tragically Revealed to those of U.S. who worked to get Obama elected!

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