Caged and Locked


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Thu, 07/04/2019 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Caged and Locked
Caged and Locked: My Personal Experience with Circumstantial Depression by Lẹwa Ubunifu

     "What is Circumstantial Depression? What affect does it have on the eyes and how we see the rest of the world and ourselves? My name is Lẹwa Ubunifu. I have Circumstantial Depression. I have struggled with this type of depression for a very long time. I am writing this book solely based on my own personal experiences and knowledge and how this disease has affected me. I hope this book creates some awareness about this disease and lets other people out there who have it know, You Are Not Alone!"  

     Author Lẹwa Ubunifu  is an entrepreneur, single mother, multimedia specialist and self-described "creative".   She is also  living with Circumstantial or Situational Depression.  In her book, Caged and Locked, she explains this disorder and how it has affected her life.


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