Who Killed Marine Colonel Jim Sabow?


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Thu, 03/18/2010 - 9:30am to 10:00am
David Sabow contends the death of his brother, Marine Colonel Jim Sabow, was a murder, not suicide

Who killed Marine Colonel Jim Sabow? Host Per Fagereng speaks with the Colonel's brother Dr. David Sabow, who has been pursuing the case for over ten years.

Marine Colonel James Sabow's death was very controversial. In 1991 Sabow, a fighter pilot and a hero of the Vietnam War before becoming the third ranking officer at the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, was found dead behind his home at the base, a shotgun blast to his head, blood splattered across the backyard.

Navy and Marine officials ruled the death a suicide. But Sabow’s younger brother David says evidence indicated murder. He says his brother was killed because of his knowledge of drug smuggling at El Toro and that the murder was covered up to protect others.



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