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Welcome to the Confessional


Each of us has a secret, guilt, shame that we carry with us. These little (and sometimes big) secrets weigh us down, hold us back from reaching our own individual potential. Sometimes we hide these secrets to avoid being judged by others, sometimes we hide them to stay out of prison. The fear of being discovered can lead to highly orchestrated daily activities to avoid being exposed, or it can hold one back from realizing true intimacy with others.


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So you can see, my friend, walking with this guilt, these secrets affects us in ways we cannot always predict,
and all because we are fearful, afraid of being rejected, judged, criticized or worse.


You can now relieve yourselves of the hidden burdons you are carrying with you.
Click on add comment to submit your secrets, quandaries, confessions, regrets, and of course what brings you joy.
You can now click add comment, and write what you like. Comments are reviewed and then made public, so don't expect it to be showing up instantly. We are not'a robots, you know.
My may now post your comment...confession...on the blog. We are glad you are taking advantage of this free public service. After posting, you comment will be reviewed by our staff of 1, and then published. Your comment will be reviewed by our team of blogists, and if deemed not to be offensive, it will'a be published to the blog, and made visible to the world. Comments that are profane, or insulting, rediculously juvenile, or offensive will not be published and no apology will be forthcoming. But of course you also know that La Contessa is open minded and tolerant so theres'a pretty good chance you gonna make it.Go ahead. You'll feel cleaner.

I am sure those of you who know the Contessa, already know how much she values her privacy. So if'a you think'a you know...and if'a you tell, then all hell is's a gonna break out, and'a La Contessa is'agonna put such'a curse on you.Who knows what could happen, but I gotta bad feeling about it, you got that buster!
Thats'a all. Chow baby.

Kiss Kiss





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