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Mon, 02/21/2011 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Seeking the Truth about 9/11

Guest host Per Fagereng speaks with Barbara Ellis and Barry Ball of the WTC Research Alliance, who are proposing and advocating for a bill for an independent science and technology investigation into the destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7.


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One ofhis videos actually shows a piece of debris ejected from one of the towers, which explodes in mid air, then each piece also explodes.
Another beam changes direction in mid air.
We are seeing explosions with our own eyes!

Thank you  so much for this program!! I about lost hope with kboo when on the Abe and Joe show they tried to debunk 911 truth. Great job!! People rarely get to here the testamony of Barry Jennings.
Thank you,

Any way to see comments for a show without first adding a comment? 

<p>It's a known bug with our web site. It makes me crazy...&nbsp; But I'm hoping I'll find the answer soon.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Very sorry for the inconvenience - vj</p>

I'd also like to thank KBOO for allowing this program to be aired. Like the previous poster, I too had all but lost hope in KBOO, but this has rekindled some of my faith.
As the program showed, there are many pieces of evidence that call into question the Official Government Conspiracy Theory (ie. cave dwelling brown people with box knives taking over planes and outwitting scores of government agencies). Personally, I do not pretend to be so arrogant to know the "ultimate truth" about what happened, all I'm asking for is a serious, non-biased investigation.
What I find even more distressing than this evidence is the silence on this subject in the media. Very rarely does even an "alternative" media source on the airwaves ever bring up these issues. I've been listening to KBOO for a few years now and the only program that I've heard to raise these issues, was Flashpoints, that did a show this past summer on WTC 7. Perhaps there have been more that I'm not aware of.
I'd like to ask KBOO to do some questioning of their own programs. I did some looking in the archives of Democracy and could only find 2 shows that ever brought up these issues, and even these did not do so in a serious way. Noam Chomsky doesn't see any problem with the Official Government Version. Either does Julian Assange. What's going on here? I don't think all 1,446 of the proffesionals in Architects and Engineers for 911 truth are bug eyed "Conspiricy Theorists". 
If we've been lied to about 911, the most pivotal event in our lifetimes, what else have we been lied to about?

<p>For Fuzzy Buddy &amp; anyone else wondering about other KBOO&nbsp;programming that may've covered this topic, please visit: . It was hosted by KBOO's own Andrew Geller and I&nbsp;thought it offered solid food for thought/consideration.</p>
<p>Thanks for listening &amp; keeping the TRUTH at the forefront of journalism!</p>

Hi, I appreciate your frustration with Joe & Abe re 911, but please know that KBOO does not have a monolithic opinion on any issue. What you hear are the opinions of individual programmers. In fact, one programmer, Theresa Mitchell has offered to debate Joe & Abe, but they have not responded.

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