New law puts Oregon on track for fastest clean energy transition in United States

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Mon, 07/12/2021 - 5:30pm to 6:00pm


At the end of the 2021 Oregon Legislative session, the state is now on track for the fastest transition to clean energy in the U.S., on par with New York.

The change come from a suite of three bills backed by the Clean Energy Opportunity. The bills address a variety of interconnected issues, from the need for more affordable utility bills, to preparing for 100% clean energy with an eye towards environmental and racial justice. 

House Bill 2021 requires electricity providers in Oregon to use 100% clean sources by 2040. 

House Bill 2842 creates a home repair grant program for low income Oregonians to get energy efficiency upgrades. House Bill 2475 allows for energy discounts for low income people, and greater participation in energy decision making for BIPOC, rural and frontline communities. 

The success of the Clean Energy Opportunity Campaign relied on support froma number of community groups. KBOO's Althea Billings spoke with two members of the campaign, Nikita Daryanani, the Climate and Energy Policy Manager at the Coalition of Communities of Color, and Nick Johnson, the Executive Director of Lake County Resource Initiative. 

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