Show #75 - God


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Thu, 04/18/2024 - 2:30pm

Songs referencing God or a god. This is not a show about any particular religion or even religous content.  Song themes range from positive and negative references of God, to gun violence, to drug abuse and more.


Opener - The Soft Parade by The Doors
Song 1 - The Black Messiah by The Kinks. Played by Joe
Song 2 - When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God by Van Morrison. Played by Scott
Song 3 - That's The Way God Planned It by Billy Preston. Played by Joe
Song 4 - Aphrodite by HoneyWhat. Played by Scott
Song 5 - God On My Side by World Party. Played by Joe
Song 6 - God Gave Me Everything by Mick Jagger. Played by Scott
Song 7 - God Has Failed by RPWL. Played by Joe
Song 8 - God by Tori Amos. Played by Scott
Song 9 - Good For God by Harry Nilsson. Played by Joe
Song 10 - Athena by Tristen. Played by Scott
Song 11 - He Gives Us All His Love by Phil Cook. Played by Joe
Song 12 - The Vishnu Room by Sinead O'Connor. Played by Scott
Song 13 - God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind) by Etta James. Played by Joe
Song 14 - God Is A Bullet by Concrete Blond. Played by Scott
Song 15 - How Great Our Lord by James Taylor. Played by Joe
Song 16 - Hymn by Barclay James Harvest. Played by Scott
Song 17 - God by John Lennon. Played by Joe

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