Misconduct by Natural Gas Companies: Lawsuit Update

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Thu, 05/22/2008 - 5:00pm

A lawsuit was filed in Washington County, Oregon yesterday alleging misconduct by companies involved in proposing natural gas pipelines in Oregon.
The lawsuit charges an Arizona-based surveying company working on the Palomar pipeline proposal with trespassing.
The plaintiffs claim that the company has been trespassing on private properties west of Forest Grove to survey the land for a gas pipeline project.
The lawsuit was filed at the same time that activists were locking down, letting off stinkbombs, and otherwise creating a ruckus at the shareholder meeting of Northwest Natural.
Northwest Natural is one of three companies that have proposed pipelines and terminals for importing liquefied natural gas and shipping it across the state to sell on the California market.
KBOO's Chris Andrae was at the protest yesterday.  She spoke to Steven Seacrest, with Northwest Natural company:

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