BTTE Episode 281: 45 Randemic - 80s Edition

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Sun, 03/08/2020 - 12:00am to 4:00am

This Saturday night on KBOO (we'll say 11:59pm so as not to have to say Sunday morning) I am playing 2 hours of random 45s. For about 18 months now, I've been performing an odd ritual of visiting record stores whereever I happen to be, and purchasing the first (cheap) 45 that I spot. After about a year, I saw a theme emerging in the tea leaves of my selections: they were mostly 80's tracks (which fit most perfectly anyway with my show's format). From that point on, I headed down that road by picking the random 45s from the 80's sections or just grabbing the first 80s or new wavey 45 I could find. After doing this odd thing for a year and a half, it will be nice to purge it all from my head with the act of stringing these random songs together to form a radio show.

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